BTS: Ana & her Good Life

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Written by Ana Vičič:

I don't want to describe its message, because I wish for it to be a proper art piece that allows you to make your own interpretation of it.

I have to admit the experience of creating an independent art piece for the first time was amazing. But it would never be the same without my team, the people who inspire and suopport me most! These special thanks go to the amazing dancer with a colourful mind and imagination Anaia Alilovski-Žagar, a true talent behind the camera and computer screen #notaprogrammer Nikola Janušič, my beautiful sister Marija Vičič and the biggest sunshine Teja Roš. Thak you!

Special thanks also go to ZRC SAZU for letting me film in their building.

~Feeling grateful. Mission accomplished.

foto: Nikola Janušič & Teja Roš